We provide you with privileged information, expert insight and bespoke analysis to help you solve the problems you can’t solve on your own.

We use a wide range of analysis techniques and capabilities within a rigorous methodology, based on the best of both government and commercial experience.

We do more than tick-box due diligence. The considered way we combine desktop work and local human intelligence gives a tailored perspective that will help you better understand the issue you face. And, crucially, the best way to resolve it.

Powerful technology

Because we understand where, what and how people operate, we use advanced and far-reaching technology that few others have access to. It allows us to look deeper into data, especially that which is hidden on the dark web.

This means we can give you information you would not otherwise have. Information that we meticulously analyse to help you use it to your advantage.

For example, we can identify information networks, individuals with influence and the channels they use. And we can monitor these channels in real time to determine how the networks develop and grow.


Discreet human intelligence

We apply what we do to any issue, anywhere in the world. We can deploy quickly, using experienced investigators and source managers who will elicit information and build up a detailed picture.

To put your issue in context we range from the tactical to the strategic and back again. We look at the interaction between government, society and business and how this can affect your interests. And we’re not afraid to ask difficult questions and challenge assumptions.

We rigorously analyse every piece of information we unearth to give you brief, clear and factual insights. Our reports highlight what is in the public domain, what is not, and the overall context of your issue. Crucially, we make recommendations for the next course of action so the information you receive has practical, actionable value.


Regional insight

We have particular expertise in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and the Middle East. We’ll help you navigate the significant enterprise risk in investing and operating in these regions.


Global reach

We enjoy a strong international network that gives us global reach. As a result, we can make human source enquiries and manage fast-moving global activity, deploying investigators wherever in the world you need us to go.

Our bespoke services include:

We help businesses evaluate the reputation, integrity and performance of potential partners. Our due diligence is based on well-sourced and reliable information obtained through open source research and analysis and discreet human source enquiries.

For example:

Know Your Client (KYC)

We conduct due diligence and enhanced background checks of individuals and companies. These give our clients an objective integrity assessment and help them decide whether to engage in a deal or a relationship.

Country Reports

We wrote a country review report for an investment fund, summarising the risks posed by political instability, corruption, weak rule of law, the business culture and poor regulatory practice. The report also included a sector specific overview. It helped our client decide whether to make an investment worth several hundred million euros.

Sector Reports

We designed and conducted research on competitors and the market in three countries to give a client first-hand insight into the sector in which they were interested in doing business.

We conduct research and analysis for law firms and other businesses to inform their legal positions and give them actionable and reliable information in support of civil and criminal litigations. And our trained mediators can help you resolve disputes.

For example:

Litigation Support

We provided background information on the personalities and politics involved to help a law firm prepare a more robust defence strategy for their client who was facing a politically motivated prosecution after a company bankruptcy.

Investigative Research

We’ve carried out investigations and analyses into potential inheritance fraud; missing person inquiries; the veracity of Panama Papers claims; social media manipulation; and the tracing of ultimate financiers of deals. Much of this involved investigation on the dark web.

We collect and promote little-known information and views about individuals, companies and legal cases. We also provide research to challenge targeted disinformation campaigns.

For example:

Supporting Information Campaigns

We provided sourced counter-arguments for a PR-firm charged with rebalancing their client’s reputation following highly-charged media reporting.

Reputation Analysis

Several clients have commissioned detailed reports to understand how they are perceived by external observers. Our recommendations helped them mitigate reputation issues.

We regularly help law firms, insolvency practitioners and private clients locate assets belonging to individuals and corporations. We gather evidence and help freeze and secure assets across multiple jurisdictions.

For example:

Asset Tracing

On behalf of a law firm representing a client, we worked across several jurisdictions to identify the assets of individuals who had failed to honour a multi-million contract.

Asset Recovery

We work with clients and law firms to put together asset recovery strategies.

We analyse government stability, policy decisions, corruption risks, industry regulations and other factors affecting operations and returns on investment to help businesses navigate difficult political landscapes.

We help you understand stakeholder and government relations and any security or operational risks so you can decide whether or not to enter a market.

For example:

Investor Insights

We provided regular analytical insight on changing political trends in a country to inform the legal strategy of an investor engaged in an international arbitration.

Political / Business Nexus

Our country analyses help our clients understand the relationship between politics, society and business.

We conduct high-level enquiries through our strong local networks and produce reliable influence maps to help you understand who the real decision makers are.

For example:

Influence Mapping

We helped a company with a major investment already in place better understand how business and politics interacted and which figures would survive political changes.

Government Advisory

We advised a company, with a new multi-million product and facing institutional resistance to innovation, how to open the door to their proposal. We worked with them and the government to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and due process.

We advise organisations on how they can improve their governance and compliance and mitigate their risk.  Our advice covers physical and cyber threats and will help you turn risk policy statements into concrete actions.

We can also help you develop an effective CSR or ESG programme as part of an ethical and holistic approach to responsible investing.

For example:

Risk Advisory

We provided a holistic review of enterprise risks, from the geopolitical to safety and security, to an international firm with global exposure. We then ran a seminar that helped their senior management team plan a new risk strategy.

Cyber Advisory

We delivered a presentation with clear recommendations on behalf of an organisation who wanted their clients to be aware of the risks of a cyber-attack and the impact on regulation.

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