Gender Equality Plan 2024-2027


VE Insight operates according to a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) which reflects our strategic commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace, which promotes gender equality and equal opportunities. Although we are a small team, we believe that diversity is not only ethically desirable in itself but improves the quality of our services by challenging cognitive biases such as group think while enriching the experiences of our team members. As a company providing analytical services, diverse views are recognised as an essential tool in enabling better analysis.

Our GEP outlines the steps that we are undertaking to achieve these goals on a systematic and sustainable basis. The timeframe for the implementation of its objectives is three years; however, this may be accelerated if feasible. Furthermore, our GEP is subjected to an annual review, because of which existing objectives may be revised or new ones added.

Our GEP draws on the four decades of experience that our senior leadership have in the implementation of such objectives, both in government as well as the private sector.


Dedicated Resources:

VE Insight is a micro company of six full-time staff and 3 affiliated consultants but has dedicated resources to realising our GEP. These include:

  • Our CEO, Anthony Monckton, has presided over the formulation and implementation of GEPs in UK government. Anthony is also a trained mediator specialising in the equitable resolution of disputes.
  • We retain the services of two external professionals who we may hire to support the implementation of our GEP and general work/life balance. These include a qualified psychotherapist and a management consultant specialised in the change of workplace
  • These three individuals may engage with the team on a collective or individual basis as required for the purposes of consultation, coaching, training and/or awareness-raising.
  • We recognise the importance of work-life balance, incorporating dedicated policies such as flexible working arrangements and parental leave into our company culture.

Data Collection and Monitoring

Assessment of the implementation of our GEP is based on quantifiable indicators which include:

  • Gender ratios of full-time employees;
  • Gender ratios of key decision makers (directors and shareholders);
  • Gender ratios of part-time employees and subcontractors;
  • Gender ratios of clients;
  • Open discussion of all gendered

These indicators are collected in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and reviewed by the senior leadership on an annual basis. The findings are subsequently shared and discussed with the wider team. This data-driven approach is essential in shaping our strategic decision-making going forward.

Qualitative indicators are also accounted for, with the senior leadership providing ‘safe spaces’ in which employees may express their grievances as regards gender discrimination. If desired, external professionals will be hired to provide this safe space, such as the dedicated psychotherapist with whom it collaborates on a retained basis.

Awareness-raising and training:

VE Insight is committed to ensuring that our team is both comfortable with, and confident in, our processes around gender equality. As we grow as a company, we will ensure this in the following ways:

  • Drafting a code of conduct to establish the acceptable limits of workplace relationships, and defining harassment and discrimination according to Directive 2002/73 of the European Commission.
  • Drafting a code of conduct for recruitment and promotion (based on the 2005 European Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers).
  • Holding training workshops depending on situational need and/or employee demand. These workshops will be led by the CEO as well as external consultants, such as our retained psychotherapist. Training is conducted on a collective as well as individual basis. It is focused on specific topics and may include scenario-based approaches to increase awareness. It also seeks to address unconscious gender biases among staff as well as decision-makers.
  • Incorporating gender awareness into other types of training.


VE Insight is committed to ensuring an inclusive workplace through positive means. If this cannot be achieved with individual team members, we are committed to taking proportionate action. In the event of gender-based violence and/or other forms of discriminatory behaviour by team members, we maintain a policy of zero tolerance. To this end, we have established the following mechanisms for sanction:

  • The ability for team members to discretely report unacceptable behaviour by their peers to the senior leadership as well as to our retained psychotherapist.
  • The ability of the senior leadership as well as our retained psychotherapist to launch discrete interventions with a view to addressing unacceptable forms of behaviour by team members.
  • The right of the senior leadership to dismiss team members who do not abide by repeat warnings to rectify their behaviour.
  • The right of the senior leadership to report unacceptable behaviour by team members to the law enforcement authorities if it is suspected of being criminal in nature.
  • The right to terminate business relations with clients and/or subcontractors who engage in unacceptable forms of behaviour towards our team members.


Organisation name: VE Insight

Chief Executive Officer: Anthony Monckton

Executive committee: Anthony Monckton, Edward Allen, Marcus How, Philippa Monckton

Number of in-house employees: Six

Authorised by: Anthony Monckton

20240129 Gender Equality Plan draft VE INSIGHT

Date: February 2024

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